Circus Orient Garden

I was happy  as a child seeing a circus coming to town today. Not that I like circus specifically, it is more a sort of a fiction about animals, artists, clowns bringing reminiscences from countries far away, from times far apart. It is a kind of magic, transforming all circus trucks and tents into arena full of colors and music to bring an hour of fairy tale for a single ticket. Could it be, that the same magic turned weeds from outskirts of the town into a real circus garden?  Care signore, signori cari, let the show begin! Just here, in Circus Orient, just behind the beautiful weeds garden ! Come and see the most beautiful garden,  fantastic animals, funny clowns , sweet little artists, come and believe in this reality! Believe, that even weeds are garden sometimes!! Come and see!!



NBGW – First Post

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It’s been three winks since I left Hertfordshire and started my new job at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Where has the time gone?!

Avenue of Betula pendula


A rose in the Double Walled Garden


Waterlily (Nymphaea)


The Rill


I mentioned in my previous post that the weather has been glorious since I arrived. Sunshine every day, with no hint of rain – no wet Welsh weather like I had been warned about before moving here!

I’m settling in well to my new life. It was sad to say goodbye to my old one but in a bitter-sweet way. I’m working in an amazing garden and living in a beautiful part of the country – it’s been a manic few weeks but all the packing and unpacking has been worth it.

The Tropical House





Trimezia martinicensis

Trimezia martinicensis

Paphiopedilum orchid


I’m at NBGW with one other PGG trainee, who…

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