Basel Goes Botanical

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There are two incredibly diverse botanical gardens in Basel. Both with their own charm and both extremely family friendly.  The spring is the ideal time to visit local gardens with children of all ages.

Merian Park, Botanical Garden Brüglingen
If you have not yet been to Merian Park (sits behind Grün 80) please promise yourself that you will pay this remarkable garden a visit in the very near future. With a playground for the children (sandpit, running water, slide and climbing area), incredible Iris gardens in the spring, vegetable gardens, chickens, sheep and rabbits, the entire family can enjoy spending time in nature. And don’t forget to sip a coffee at the gorgeous café (located behind the beautiful white and gray estate) while your children run freely through the grass and count the fish in the koi pond.

Address: Vorder Brüglingen 5, 4052 Basel Right behind the St. Jakob Indoor…

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Adelaïde Botanic Garden

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Well, ok, I must say that I took a guided walk with so many information that I do not remember everything… I will then let you guys see some beauty of this garden so you can go for a guided walk too! :)

It is free, open daily and in the city center! Guided walk tours are free and starts everyday (except major holidays).

WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (1)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (30)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (29)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (28)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (25)

WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (26)

Oh yeah, that I remember! The “pine cones” (approx. 3-4kg babies) fall from the tree (see picture below) in February. They close the area around the tree in order to avoid pedestriants to be cut into half in case it falls… – Our guide: Jane Littleton

WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (24)

WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (23)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (27)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (9)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (22)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (21)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (20)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (19)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (18)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (17)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (16)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (15)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (14)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (12)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (10)

C. DietschWHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (6)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (5)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (4)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (3)WHV2014_Adelaide_Botanic Garden (2)

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Flora and Turtles on a Log

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Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam

As is tradition, I try to find a botanic garden in every city I visit. Amsterdam was no exception.  A very impressive collection. I’m not one for getting very nerdy about labelling each flower just yet…Plenty of time to develop such habits later in life.  So, if you know any of them, put it in the comments.


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Art & Science of Curation: A ‘Living’ Collection

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The  Art & Science of Curation  is a project which explores ideas around Curation and the role of the curator. Over the coming year, we will be inviting people from both within and outside our museums to share their thoughts on curation.  We want to build a body of writings which articulate and explore the many different ways in which a curator can curate, and each week we’ll be posting a new piece of writing here on our blog.  If you feel you’ve something interesting to say, do  please get in touch  about contributing.  Find out more about the Art & Science of Curation on our website .

A ‘Living’ Collection
Tim Upson, Curator and Deputy Director, Cambridge University Botanic Garden

cache_wMvEfCu_15981The Garden is alive with activity. A green woodpecker seeks out ants on the lawn, a fresh scraping is perhaps the sign of a midnight feast by our resident…

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