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It’s been three winks since I left Hertfordshire and started my new job at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Where has the time gone?!

Avenue of Betula pendula


A rose in the Double Walled Garden


Waterlily (Nymphaea)


The Rill


I mentioned in my previous post that the weather has been glorious since I arrived. Sunshine every day, with no hint of rain – no wet Welsh weather like I had been warned about before moving here!

I’m settling in well to my new life. It was sad to say goodbye to my old one but in a bitter-sweet way. I’m working in an amazing garden and living in a beautiful part of the country – it’s been a manic few weeks but all the packing and unpacking has been worth it.

The Tropical House





Trimezia martinicensis

Trimezia martinicensis

Paphiopedilum orchid


I’m at NBGW with one other PGG trainee, who…

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Botanists battle ‘plant blindness’ with seeds of knowledge via philly.com

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Botanists battle ‘plant blindness’ with seeds of knowledge

Posted: September 13, 2014

Since she began teaching at Rutgers 13 years ago, botany professor Lena Struwe has seen growing student interest in learning about plants. But that desire often comes without the basic plant knowledge that previous generations of students arrived on campus with. They studied plants in high school biology class, spent their childhoods playing in the woods, and picked raspberries with their grandmothers.

“Many times, I have to teach from scratch. ‘This is a petal. This is a leaf. This is a branch,’ ” said Struwe, who, like plant-science educators across the country, bemoans what has come to be known as “plant blindness” or plant illiteracy among not just college students, but adults and children, too.

What to do?

Botanists, horticulturists – all manner of plant scientists, really…

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We SHAPED Perth Amboy in 2014!

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Children’s Community Garden: We all know the saying “What a difference a day makes.” Well I must say “What a difference a garden makes!” Over the summer we had children volunteer to keep up with our Children’s Community Garden. The Children came faithfully every day at 4:00 in the afternoon, and at times they would bring their friends as well. They watered, pull weeds, and pick vegetables and herbs. Afterwards, the children took vegetables and herbs home. They were given projects to do at home, like making a salad with all the vegetables they were given and to write down the recipe. Witnessing their expressions, to hear and see our members support when the children were in the garden was a great reward. A volunteer wrote a letter saying “Thank you for allowing us to eat”.

This year the Farmers Market has grown and continues to be an affordable access…

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Kew Gardens in London, video

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This video from London, England is called Top Ten Attractions at Kew Gardens – in just two minutes.

It says about itself:

15 July 2014

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is in Richmond on the outskirts of London, and is one of the most amazing gardens in the world. It has an extraordinary diversity of plants and over 14,000 trees all set within a vast and beautiful landscape layered with history and heritage.

This short film gives you a bird’s eye view of Kew and reveals the must-see attractions within the gardens.

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Wheatley Group volunteers spruce up Kingsway

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20140903_Wheatley_Kingsway_57Last week a group of volunteers from the Wheatley Group volunteered up at the Kingsway Court Community Garden. The volunteers spent the whole day in the garden undertaking a wide range of tasks including preparing raised beds for planting, grass cutting, turning the compost heap, screening compost and soil and weeding and tidying up the garden.

20140903_Wheatley_Kingsway_17The volunteers had a great day and got stuck into all the different tasks and really enjoyed being away from their desks for the day as well as enjoying some late summer sun! All the activities were in preparation for the Kingsway Community Garden harvest event which was held last Saturday.

A massive thanks to everyone that helped and we look forward to seeing you again soon! You can check out more photos below…

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Nantes “Jardin des Plantes” Part 1: The Scientific Garden

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The Botanical Gardens (Jardin de Plantes) in Nantes have been awarded the title of “Jardin Remarquable” (garden of exception), and are also one of the four largest in France. They showcase 10,000 species/varieties, 800square meters of hot houses, and over 50,000 flowers are planted each year.

The collections have grown over the past 150 years, and are renowned worldwide, for camellias in particular.  The Jardin the Plantes also strives to protect and reintroduce rare plants.

A portion of the Gardens is dedicated to the green houses as well as a showcase for organizing, labeling, and experimenting with many species of plants.

Several greenhouses, both humid and dry, house tropical plants.  There is also a conservatory style café and a welcome center.


A lawn arae is divided up to showcase individual flowering plants, all of which are labeled and referenced, lantanas, Buenos aires verbena, geraniums, begonias,  etc


Another area features a meliferous “butterfly” garden, to…

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Howardian Nature Reserve

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Raj Chettri works as an urban park ranger for Cardiff Council. He is passionate about the sites he manages and the volunteers that make it all happen.

One of Raj’s sites is Howardian Local Nature Reserve, to the east of the city centre. The nature reserve is a former municipal tip that closed in the 1970s. The local school was asked to help manage the new nature reserve and some of those same school friends formed one of the first Friends Groups in Cardiff. For Martin Doe and Nigel Ferrand it has become a lifetime’s work. The Friends have transformed the site, which is now home to over 500 species.

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