Three bees

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Whenever I have my macro lens on my camera I seem to be irresistibly drawn to bees, like bees to honey. No matter what else I am shooting during the summer, I always seem to have some images of bees interspersed among my other photos. Here are some of my recent favorite bee shots.


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Photo of the week: Athenree Saltmarsh

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Today’s photo of the week is of volunteers planting harakeke/flax at Athenree Saltmarsh wetland near Tauranga.


The Athenree and nearby Waihi Beach community have taken on a challenge to plant over 9000 plants at the wetland over winter.

This work is part of a multi-year project to return farmland to wetland habitat for threatened native animals.

Photo by Peter Huggins, Partnerships Ranger, Tauranga.

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Buddleia and botanical correspondence anno 1702





Buddleja or Buddleia , the butterflyy bush, was named by Linneaus in honour of botanist Adam Buddle . Buddle (1662-1715) died before the bush was named after him, but reading some old letters of him we can assume he, as a profound botany lover altrough a wery humble and modest one, would appreciate this gesture…

You were pleased to say you would send me some seeds and roots of your northern plants : they would be extreamly wellcome to me and to Chelsea Garden, which is now putting into very good order ; and the first place we design ( for I call myself of the number ) to cultivate all the rare English plants we can get to grow there ; and I hope you will answer our longing expectation of some from you, in answer to which I promise you the seeds and roots of any plants growing in the garden, which I assure you is very much improving.
I have no more to say now; but beg specimens, or your remarks on the following catalogue.
I am, Sir,
Your humble servant,
Excerpt from the letter from Mr. Buddle to Dr. Richardson, Gray’s Inn, May 28th, 1709
From: Extracts from the Literary and Scientific Correspondence of……Richard Richardson, Dawson Turner, Charles Sloman, Thordarson Collection, Harvard University,