Plants in art

This page is meant to mirror the many creative ways art has used portraying plants.This pic I made in Berlin tanti anni fa is a good illustration :showing how art using language and iconography of plants can transform primal objects to tell more.Sunflowers here are not only plastic kitsch, nor reminiscence of van Gogh,even not only symbol of endless summer, but in this case they flourish over a trabi……….the interpretation may be up to you.

61 thoughts on “Plants in art

  1. I love the idea of following plants in art since they have been an inspiration for artists since time was monitored. Thank you for visiting my blog today, our botanic garden is very special.

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  3. Thanks for liking my Tamborine Dreaming blog. I find yours delightful – in fact the whole matter of flowers in art is delightful. Years back I did a degree thesis (Asian Studies) on the role of flowers, and floral art, in Japanese literature. I maintain two other blogs which have to do with plants most of the time, and and you might like to visit these sometime. Tamborine Dreaming is a blog just to celebrate the beautiful place in which I live – a place in which both plants AND art flourish.

  4. Good call on how a flower has a unique interpretation depending on the viewer. Great to be in touch on WP. I look out for your new posts in my reader. Hope you are enjoying Summer.

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