An idea from a gallery (in the middle of the garden)

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a several days  working meeting in Lisbon, as a guests of Calouste Gulbekian foundation. I love my job, but this time it was different. We were embraced by art, from our working room we had a direct view to Gulbekian Park. Going back to hotel each afternoon I visited the gallery in a nearby building. The whole setting intrigued me to read more about the man named Gulbekian.It is a story, indeed. The best part of it is his love for gardening. And for art.But still, I’ve heard of many private collectors of art, yet I don’t remember many being passionate gardeners .It has to be an empowering combination,  to be a hobby gardener besides your everyday job. Like Monet was. Or Gulbekian. Coming for a meeting through the entrance hall, filled with modern-art artefacts, hearing the silence some students in the corner made reading a book from the library and seeing a hibiscus flowering red just behind the window ,in the park, I felt like inviting Mr Gulbekian to have an espresso with me in the cantina on the roof of the building, glimpsing over Lisbon and thinking green overlooking the beautiful park.I’ve almost heard him talking about his art collection and his garden.At that moment I knew I have to do something about my botanical garden.As I am far from being able to make a huge donation in Gulbekian style (let’s be realistic, even a tiny one would be a problem )  , I decided to try something else.My  botanical garden doesn’t have much people working there, how would it be, to bring there some volunteers? The idea of this sunny morning in Portugal came home with me. The best souvenir I’ve ever had. It was autumn 2010 when I came back home. I started to work on the idea and was happy enough to get support from my colleagues at work. And I am so happy now, in May we’ll launch the very first conference about the volunteers in our city’s  botanical garden. Thank you, mr Gulbekian!

My botanical garden

Oh no, I don’t posses any botanical garden at all. But still, there is one which belongs to me .Or I belong to him, hard to say.We know each other for more than thirty years, I spent some of my most beautifull moments there, other time I came there to find some peace , to be with myself.I love to come there with my family ,I bring here my friends and I sometimes spend my alone time here.

Let me tell you more about my botanical garden, listen to my story and get inspired to find a botanical garden of your own-don’t wory, botanical gardens like to be shared.

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