The garden of my inner world

Garden has a strong symbolic meaning in our culture. Growing a garden, having a prosperous garden, planting a new garden, watering a garden-always with this second meaning of something growing, from good ideas, work well done and up to our health.

But do we plant our symbolic gardens after realistic templates, or do they grow out of our imagination? And do we plant our real gardens after the laws of botany or under the influence of  our imaginative gardens of our inner word?

I for myself am happy to have my own imaginative garden .It is a landscape I don’t have to water, but I do have to take care after plants there.Yet it pays out, whenever do I need some peace  I  escape into this garden of my inner world.There I paint flowers for myself, I hear birds singing in high trees, I rest in shadow of an old ginkgo, I walk under old oaks, I make bouquets from imaginative flowers not yet seen by nobody.I think a lot, sitting near pond with little  frogs and I smell jasmine, first roses and lilac,  sometimes I read a book there.There I can walk among sweet memories from my childhood and there I can meet people so heavily missed in my everyday life.

May I be happy enough to transform at least a tiny part ofjasmine this imaginative garden of mine into a real garden!


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