Mespilus germanica-medlar





When asked to bring some exotic fruit to school I gave my son a handful of medlars and it turned out that for all kids in the class this was the most exotic fruit, none of them knew it.Which is actually a paradoxe as medlars (the same name for tree and fruit) were, after first being cultivated in mideast 3000 years ago,spread to whole Europe. The Romans gave it the incorrect name-Mespilus germanica, altrought it was grown in Germany as well.

In middle ages medlar was extremely popular in Europe , for it is picked in late autumn and can be eaten far in winter time,after the “bletting”of the fruit.In times without fridges and supermarkets with exotic fruits this was obwious advantage.

Later its popularity fade away  but there are several reasons why it would be a shame to let it grow only in botanical gardens. Medlar is a tree with smelling white blossoms, nice dark green leaves and of course-ecquisite aroma of medlar, wonderfully accompanying even the best wines or being transformed into classy deserts if not eaten fresh.











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