noun (plural pineta /-tə/)

Christmas time is here , Christmas trees everywhere, so I decided to open pinetum in My botanical garden! Let start with Christmas trees-listed below are the most common (cited from: ):

  1. Arizona Cypress-Cupressus arizonica Greene
  2. Colorado blue spruce-Picea pungens Engelm.
  3. Concolor fir-Abies concolor
  4. Eastern Redcedar-Juniperus virginiana L.
  5. Fraser Fir-Abies Frasieri
  6. Leyland cypress-x Cupressocyparis leylandii
  7. Virginia Pine-Pinus Virginiana
  8. Balsam Fir-Abies balsamea (L.) Miller
  9. Canaan Fir-Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis
  10. Douglas Fir-Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco
  11. Eastern White Pine-Pinus Strobus L.
  12. Grand Fir-Abies grandis
  13. Noble Fir-Abies procera
  14. Scotch Pine-Pinus sylvestris L.
  15. White spruce-Picea glauca

The biggest and most beautiful pinetum is Bedgebury National Pinetum ( ) with the most complete collection of conifers in the world.


2 thoughts on “Pinetum

  1. I have a small, not quite, Botanical Garden around my home here in Seattle. I have over 200 varieties in this small place and the ones that would fit into a Pinetum area as follows: Taxodium distichum “Peve Minaret”, Metasequoia glyptostroboides “Miss Grace”, Sequoia sempervirens “Kelly’s Prostrate”, Sequoiadendron giganteum “Pendula”, Abies blasamea “Nana”, Cryptomeria japonica “Elegans”, C. jap. “Elegans Nana”, C. jap. “Pygmaea, C. jap. “Back Dragon”, C. jap. “Tansu”, Tsuga mertensiana, Podocarpus macrophylla, Podo. alpinus “Red Tip”, Chamaecyparis obtusa, Chaem. o. “Gracilis Nana”, Chaem. o. Nana Lutea”, Chaem. Pisifera “Snow”, Chaem. p. “Baby Blue”, Pinus mugo, P. m. “Pumilio”, Pinus sylvestris “Inverleith”, Pinus nigra “Oregon Green”, Cephalotaxus harringtonia “Fastigiata”, Calocedrus decurrens “Maupin Glow”, Picea glauca “Albertiana Conica”, Picea pungens “Glauca”, Picea p. “Gauca Globosa, Picea p. “RH Montgomery”, Ginkgo biloba “Jade Butterflies” ( I know it’s questionable now putting it as a confer but I had to do it…;), Juniperus Pfitzeriana glauca, Juniperus squamata “Blue Star”, Taxus baccata “Fastigiata”, Taxus baccata “Repandens”, Taxus x Media “Beanpole”, Thuja occidentalis “Globosa”, Thuja o. “Pyrimadallis”. I think that’s it. 36 or so I think… Not bad for a little space. I should have put them in alphabetical order I know but I just did it as I thought of them, roaming with my mind over the garden. You’ll notice most of them are dwarf varieties because I just don’t have room for bigger ones. I still get the feel of a forest sometimes when I get close to these little gems and I appreciate the beauty of having my own little botanical garden. I wrote a post on “Do Labels Make a Botanical Garden” you might like as well. I decided they don’t but they sure make it feel like one…;). Thanks for liking my post and sorry that this is such a long one.


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