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Viola odorata and pastilles from Favigny



imageViolet Bouquet - Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer-Violet bouquet (watercolor, 15-th century)

Bouquet of violets - Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet-Bouquet of violets (Oil on canvas 1872) – for more Manet works check :


Common violet , tiny  beauty,hides in semi shades of forest edges. Sweet scent  betrays easily overseen plant.  Modest in nature this flower entered world art galleries ,literature and music,biggest artists love her since ewer, perhaps for it is plant from everyday life with smell from heaven?

Listening to the music,would you treat yourself with something special? My favorites are violet pastilles from Flavigny. I love their  violet flower, and the  decorated oval box makes me remember the summer far ago, when  I got a tiny box of violet pastilles from my mother.Since then for me this little pastilles bear memories of almost forgotten summers when eating violet candis we tried to imagine what would the coming summers look like…..


By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

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