versatile blogger award

OhioYarnFarmer has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award-THANK YOU!

Following VBA rules here is a bunch of blogs I enjoy and therefore follow and now nominate for the VBA-THEY ALL ARE GREAT BLOGS!!!!!!!!

1)  Okanagan Okanogan

2)  Nature Inquiries

3)  The Life of Your Time

4)  Greener

5)  TED Blog

6)  Dropping the Science


8)  Plant Hertage

9)  gardeningnirvana

10) Home, Garden, Life

11) The Beagle Project 

12) kiwsparks

13) Make-A-Difference Month

14) Adventures and Musings of a Hedgewitch

15) Mindful Drawing

And, following the rules again, 7 things about me (today):

1)  I walked our dog early in the morning

2)  I had my morning coffee with my BF

3)  my husband called me from his business trip abroad

4)  I’ve been working on a conference for garden volunteers whole morning

5) some journalists called me for the IGL workshop

6)  I was happy with the VBA nomination

7) l was happy for the sky was blue today and just everything went fine

By Tamara Jare

14 replies on “versatile blogger award”

Congratulations on winning the award and thanks for nominating the Beagle Project – you made my day 🙂 I’ll be sure to do my part and write my own list within the next week. Thanks again – it is an honor.


Sorry for this part (15 and 7)of the award, but it is the way it works.
Looking forward for your new posts!


Many thanks! We only know each other for such short time, but I’m enjoying your blog and obviously you enjoy mine. And I think that is what it is all about…sharing inspiration and knowledge. Keep going with your beautiful and interesting blog. Award deserved!



The same with you-award deserved,your drawings make me think I will grab some colors and draw…..Thank you!


You are welcome,I like your posts, although don’t know what brown butter is, it seems to me it is used the same way as nutella ( diets here usually begin after this very last spoon of nutella…………….;)


You are welcome-I can’t wait to check your listed blogs,hope it was not too annoying to write those lists 😉


Thanks for the Ta-Da! I’m up to my ears in photographs here, off to do two big workshops on working with images tomorrow: one on nonfiction narratives and one on haiku, to teachers, yet, so I have to be ready ready ready. I’ll let you know how it goes, then reply with the versatile blogger award info!


I am sure the workshops went OK and hope that the VBA rules (15 and 7) won’t bother you too much;)


Well, your blog is god, indeed.I for myself enjoy writing my own blog very much,but am afraid that time sets certain limits…… my day journal was brief 😉


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