Liebster Blog Award

Thank you dear Julie from Butterfly Julz~ Daydreams, Moonbeams & Butterfly Wings..-not only for awarding me, but also for choosing My Botanical Garden as a butterflies friendly place-which it is and which it will stay …….. I promise!

The Liebster Blog Award is named for a German word meaning dearest. The nominated blogger is to nominate five other excellent bloggers. So here are five more of my favorite blogs that I nominate  for the Liebster Blog Award.

1)WoolyWarm’s Farm

2)Vicki Winslow’s Blog

3)URI Botanical Gardens Blog

4)thedogwalkinggardener’s Blog


They are all simply the best 😉



10 Replies to “Liebster Blog Award”

  1. Thanks Tamara, for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award! so glad you’re enjoying

    I’ll be sure to follow up with five more nominations!



    1. Thank you!
      I simply couldn’t skip you, for you do talk (great) about the things I find important(great second time),award deserved!!!!!!!!!


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