sculpting together pics part 2

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It really was a creative Saturday!After a rainy walk in the garden the workshop started.It was so nice to see kids and seniors working together on their sculptures!Next time these will be painted and an exhibition will be set in the garden glasshouse,so anybody may see what has been done.

Yet there is still something not visible to others,but important even more as these works of art, that emerged from the workshop.Spending their time together, learning and creating together they both, kids and seniors, got time to know each other better ,the stereotypes were lost and they all were happy ,saying they spent great time together……….


9 thoughts on “sculpting together pics part 2

  1. I still don’t know your name! Not even your gender or where you are. But you sure have a lovely project going on. I see some very nice creations and lots of interaction. Wish I could join in.
    Paula (Belgium)


    1. Thank you, Paula.I replied you once before on my ABOUT page, but you are welcome,my name is Tamara Jare,and live in Ljubljana, Slovenia 🙂


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