Boletus edulis for my friends






I have to admit it, when the first rains after late spring heat come I become a bit nervous.There is a typical smell in the forest behind my home and it means mushrooms !I have to check my places in the woods as soon as possible.Which per se still isn’t enough ,for one needs also a bit of luck to find a mushroom.And you have to look around really carefully.But it pays off,it is true happiness when you carry home a mushroom or two.Those, the first ones in the season , are worth twice more. Especially as this time I was lucky enough to find penny buns-four of them!How have they ended? In simple carpaccio-on a plate you have to arrange tiny slices of raw penny buns, sprinkle them with the best olive oil you can get and top with some pepper and fleur de sel-voila! You only need some bread (ciappata ) and a bottle of good vine and that’s all your friends would ask for!

Prized as an ingredient in various foods, B. edulis is an edible mushroom held in high regard in many cuisines, and is commonly prepared and eaten in soupspasta, orrisotto. The mushroom is low in fat and digestible carbohydrates, and high in protein,vitaminsminerals and dietary fibre. Although it is sold commercially, it has not been successfully grown in cultivation.from:

Boletus edulis
Two mushrooms with brown caps and light brown stems growing on the ground, surrounded by fallen leaves and other forest debris. One mushroom has been plucked and lies beside the other; its under-surface is visible, and is a light yellow color.
In a forest near RambouilletFrance
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Boletales
Family: Boletaceae
Genus: Boletus
Species: B. edulis
Binomial name
Boletus edulis
Bull. (1782)
Ceriomyces crassus Battarra (1775)
Boletus solidus Sowerby (1809)
Leccinum edule (Bull.) Gray (1821)
Dictyopus edulis (Bull.) Forq. (1890)
Boletus edulis
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Mycological characteristics

pores on hymenium
cap is convex
hymenium is adnate
stipe is bare
spore print is brown
ecology is mycorrhizal
edibility: choicefrom:

ps : a small advice for fungus of other sort:


6 thoughts on “Boletus edulis for my friends

  1. There’s nothing as rewarding as finding wild mushrooms. My husband is skilled at identification so we alwalys feel comfortable eating what we find. Unfortunately we now live in Australia and though we do get some mushrooms, nothing like we used to find in Central Europe. What’s amazing is how many of the mushrooms are the same.


    1. I agree it is crucial to know what you find, here in Slovenia people get poisoned each year…..
      so what do you prefer to find now in Australia?


    1. No problem at all, they are considered to be consumed as spices, anyway and I must admit I love the picking mushrooms part of them, too 🙂 – it is just nice to stroll the woods and find some mushrooms . Love, Tamara


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