Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

backyardprovence, a great blog from Provence has nominated My Botanical Garden for the Very Inspiring Blogger AwardTHANK YOU!!!!

In order to accept this award, I have to follow a few rules and here they are:

First, acknowledge and thank the giver by linking back to their blog and put the award on your page.

Next, list 7 things about yourself.

1.The book I am reading now is “Natasha’s dance”

2.The film I’ve seen yesterday-“Mysterious woman”,a japanese film from1935

3.The exibition I’ve seen recently-“Americans in Florence”

4.The music I’ve listen today is from Anže Rozman

5.The museum I’ve visited recently-Koper City Museum

6.The best coffee I’ve had in last 10 days was in Trieste

7.The best thing to happen in this week-on Friday I’m meeting an old school friend who now lives in the States

Last, pass the award to some bloggers who inspire you.

1.   Sustainable tourism world:Well, my dream is to create a big platform where is possible to share information and opportunity worldwide, concerning sustainability in general and the tourism sector

2. Help Me Rhonda :My goal with this blog is to offer what small gifts of insight, compassion, empathy, and good old-fashioned common sense I have to any and all who seek such things.

3 .   1001 Scribbles  : I’m a Student at University of Coimbra and in my spare time I enjoy taking some pictures

4.    Meanwhile, Melody Muses… :I’m a writer, Mom, educator, wife, avid reader, traveller, friend, watercolour artist, songwriter, lover of good food.  My first book is coming out this summer – more on that later! – and I have discovered that blogging is a delicious past time.

5.   The living lab :  The Living Lab is a leading project aiming to transform De Montfort University`s Queens Building into a `living example` of sustainability and energy efficiency. Its main characteristic is multidisciplinarity.

6.   BRIAN GAYNOR PHOTOGRAPHY   : Through these photos, I hope to share a slice of the beauty of life — of all life — be it rural, urban, natural, animal, or otherwise.

8 Replies to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!”

  1. Tamara, congratulations! Thank you for including me as one of your choices. It’s always such an honor. I will keep it with me for a while, if you don’t mind, before I put it out there…there are some fresh new faces peeking in my windows and I’d like to get to know them a little. I so love to pass these awards on to new friends so they can get to know the wonderful community we are a part of. Thanks again and happy gardening! 🙂


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