Just an old illustration



8 thoughts on “Just an old illustration

  1. I do so love those trunked English roses. I wonder how they might be adapted to cooler climates, or to other species. Lilacs, even. Do you know about the trunked lilacs of Pillnitz? No one has duplicated them, and they’re getting very old.


    1. I believe trunked roses should grow where other roses do-they just have to be protected during winter (wrapped in some insulation-hay is OK).
      I wonder how trunked lilacs from Pillnitz look like, I’ve heard about them from you for the first time 😉


      1. Here’s a photo of the trunked lilacs at Schloss Pillnitz, outside of Dresden. http://tinyurl.com/8rc6kws When I was there, the historian we privately hired to guide us up the river (a great, and inexpensive, way to get more than the normal tour) explained that they were grafted (or something) according to some lost process, and that people have been working on figuring it out, but so far everyone has failed. They are very old now, and the only ones of their kind. They do not throw up shoots from the ground. If someone could figure it out, he explained, the technique would be worth a fortune. You can’t dissect them, though, as they are under state protection. So the story goes. Beautiful, aren’t they!


      2. This is interesting, indeed.And beautiful, indeed!I guess propagation should not be a problem according to modern biology -but it is surely worth more as long it is the only one -ok this was not nice from me 😉
        Anyway-a nice story and lovely lilacs, thank you for this link!


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