My Botanical Garden guest at Urban Gardens NYC


My Botanical Garden was invited to contribute an article for Urban Gardens NYC  blog .This is a blog that (from ABOUT section) states:

Urban gardening is nothing new, even in a concrete jungle like New York City. But the sheer scale on which green spaces are sprouting up around the city these days is something worth talking about. This blog was inspired by the nearly 625 gardens registered last year in the NYCHA 2011 Annual Garden and Greening Awards Competition. Gardens like those grown by public housing residents continue to proliferate, and this blog supports the amazing phenomenon by providing information, tips, success stories, and shared experiences.

I was happy to have an invitation from someone not only interested in the same topics as am I,but even more, having an interesting, educative ,ambitious blog.It was my pleasure to write an article about city gardens Krakovo in Ljubljana-THE KRAKOVO GARDENS.Here is the link for the article:

And make sure to check other posts down there in Urban Gardens NYC-they are great!


18 thoughts on “My Botanical Garden guest at Urban Gardens NYC

    1. Thank you Paula, I was actually quiet surprised with the invitation.As Urban Gardens NYC blog is just about the education and gardens and people and community-which all interests me as well, I am very happy to be posted there.It is great to see the distances get smaller when we speak the same language, so to say-this inspires me again and again !


  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog! I love gardening and it has been our families wish to visit Slovenia for a while now. Hopefully in the next year or so and this blog has certainly inspired me…. Thank you!


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