Castanea sativa becomes roasted chestnuts



Roasted chestnuts always smell of fall,past summer and winter which is coming slowly.Is this why I always love them………

Castanea sativa
Sweet Chestnut fruit
Scientific classification
  • Kingdom:
  • (unranked):
  • (unranked):
  • (unranked):
  • Order:
  • Family:
  • Genus:
Species: C. sativa
Binomial name
Castanea sativa


Chestnut Gatherers - Georges Lacombe 

Chestnut Gatherers, Artist: Georges Lacombe Completion Date: 1893,  Style: Cloisonnism

A Chestnut Wood among the Rocks - Camille Corot

A Chestnut Wood among the Rocks  Artist: Camille Corot,   Completion Date: c.1835,  Style: Realism


18 thoughts on “Castanea sativa becomes roasted chestnuts

  1. Mmmm! You make me run to the eco-shop to buy chestnuts. You are right: they taste so much yummier when you can roast them in the back of your garden. Their smell and their warmth that brings perfect autumn-happiness. This is the kind of food that tells us that the closer we stay to nature, the happier we feel.


    1. yes,warm roasted chestnuts always smell of a perfect autumn day-sometimes I manage to bake a chestnut cake but it is too much peeling there to make it more ofte


  2. When I was growing up we had chestnut trees in our yard, I hated stepping on them. But, when my mom cooked them on the grill I’d be willing to get stuck a few times for those! Thanks for reminding me of chestnuts.


  3. Roasted chestnuts reminds me of the New York vendors roasting them and the smell wafting in the air for blocks! It also reminds me of my grandmother. I saw a cooking show today that highlighted chestnuts. They used dried chestnuts which they reconstituted in one of the their recipes. I didn’t know those were available.


  4. Thanks for visiting 🙂 (pic of my poinsettia on FB today, it’s coming along quickly, now)…

    Roasted chestnuts – yum ! And cool photos + art.

    Any relation to cannabis sativa ?


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