Venice growing green

Visiting Venice this time I was observing the fantastic connection between Venetians and their plants, connection between architecture and nature, bond between yesterday and tomorrow…….
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28 thoughts on “Venice growing green

  1. The city seems to have a very organic relationship with plants and building materials. I think it lends a romantic quality to the old structures and makes everything more beautiful.

    Great post!


    1. They do have now some imported African mosquito here-they are a problem as they need just a bit of water to propagate.
      about the photos in Venice-I managed to have some bad ones, there was too much to photograph …


      1. lol. You managed to take some bad photos? Nahh, not possible. You can’t be objective, you’re too close to the situation. I agree, there’s too much to photograph. I couldn’t live on a canal; mosquitoes would eat me alive!


      2. Ohh, I learned something here. That’s right, it’s salt water. They usually like standing water. Well, I guess I could live there after all! Ah, it’s probably too late now. I haven’t seen my second cousins in 8 years? Time flies. Plus my cousin Pierina passed away a few years ago. It was her house where I was a guest. They wanted me to stay. (They all live in Arzignano.) I decided it would be too difficult to leave the US and adjust to Italy. (Even though I know plenty of people would kill to be in my shoes!) I’ve forgotten most of the language I learned (nobody to practice with here). Best experience of my life though ; – )


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