Venetian gondolas, flowers and gondolier

Black elegant gondolas ,iconic Venetian boats ,have become a symbol of Venice far ago.Visually totally emerged in the reflexes of the old architecture over green lagoon waters they still remember green forests from the mainland. A  heart of eight different woods gives shiny gondolas this smooth glide bringing tourists from the world back in the history of masks,dodges, Italian canzone and forgotten loves. Watch carefully, when the gondolier turns back to answer his mobile phone,for you may catch his gondola decorated with flowers,remembering an old song………do embark then and remember,your love should newer end…. 

No laminates or plywood are used at the Tramontin boatyard, only carefully selected natural woods. The eight types of wood that are used in making a Tramontin gondola each have different qualities and therefore perform different functions in the boat:   Oak – solid, used for sides;   Fir – lightweight, used for bottom;   Cherry – easy to shape, used for thwarts;   Larch – lightweight and solid, good water resistance;   Walnut – easy to bend with wood, used for frames;   Linden – stable;   Mahogany – homogeneity, used for structure;   Elm – flexible, used for frames. from:

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or frames; Linden – stable; Mahogany – homogeneity, used for structure;  Elm – flexible, used for frames.

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