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I’ve been nominated For the “Inspiring Blogger Award” by gwenniesgarden-thank you so much!

Me and the Boss has nominated My Botanical Garden the “Very inspiring Blogger Award”-THANK YOU! Following the rules here are 7 things about me: 1)I am not sure whether I like blog awards or not 2)I like blog awards as they mean recognition from the ones that know what blogging means 3)I do not like blog awards as they are in a way time-consuming, like this one, 7 things about me 4)I like blog awards for it is nice to have these awards on your side bar. 5)I have hard times with nominations-there are so many great bloggers out there! 6)I like reading good blogs! 7)I like writing my blog! My nominations are:

Do check them all!

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian contemporary figurative painter.
Art is life. Contemporary figurative painting. Oil on canvas. Love colors.
Slovenian artist Tamara Jare specializes in figurative oil painting on canvas. Her paintings are defined by vibrant colors, be it still life, landscape or portrait. Tamara Jare artworks have been exhibited at curated art shows in United States, Italy and Slovenia.
Tamara Jare artwork has been presented in SAATCHI ART BEST 2021 and BEST 2022 COLLECTIONS.
Browse official site to read Tamara Jare art blog with the news from her painting studio, new releases, scheduled exhibitions.
Saatchi Art is exclusive seller of Tamara Jare paintings.

15 replies on “Very inspiring blogger tvice”

Tamara, Thank you for your honesty about how you feel about winning awards. I agree, they are wonderful to receive and to be voted for by your peers. On the other hand, they are so time-consuming as to be almost a punishment for winning the award! I appreciate you thinking of me for this award, but I already have a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have made it my own rule to not accept the same award a second time and have declined others already so you are not the first. It also puts the nominee in the awkward position of declining the award and risking hurting the nominators feelings! I’m at the point where I have to decline because it’s either that or stop blogging altogether because there are only so many hours in the day to do the things I need to do! Please enjoy your award and hopefully understand my predicament. Thank you again for thinking of me.


I absolutely understand you and I guess I might be adopting your rule about taking each award just once, it makes sense.
You did not hurt me and at least I’ve shoved appreciation for your blog!
All the best from Ljubljana!


I am glad you understand. Unintentionally, I feel a second same award diminishes the importance of the first award! It isn’t the thought behind the giver or the nominator of the award that diminishes, it’s the award itself. Actually, the thought of giving the award IS an award in itself. Maybe not accepting an award a second time will catch on. I hope that makes sense. Again, I appreciate that you thought of me when you were giving out the award. I know your heart was in the right place ; – )


Thanks for nominating in the most inspirational catagory. What am I suppose to do now? I tried searching, found information dated 2009/2010– but nothing that gives instructions of what nominees are obligated to do.


It is easy-in your post you: the picture of the award
2.say thank you to me, you mention my blog and make a link
3.tell 7 things about you
4.nominate 15 blogs (with links)
5.let your nominees know you’ve chosen them
Congratulations again!


Many many thanks, dear Tamara. You do have a very inspiring blog and therefore you well deserve this award. I see it is snowing on your blog. Hopefully this award has warmed up your writing even more. Keep on educating and inspiring us with your botanical knowledge. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your nomination. I love your honesty. When I send out a nomination, I always make certain that no one has to respond. A nomination is just my way of saying thank you for being an inspiration. No obligation to post or for that matter even acknowledge that the nomination has been received. I love to hear the individual “voices” in the blogging community. I spend more time following blogs than posting on my blogs. I came to the blogging world just a few months ago and have developed friendships all over the world. There is always an adventure to be had, always a friendship to be made, always something new to learn. I wish you every success as your go forward…glad that we connected!


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