Corylus avellana-from winter to spring,from Avella to a wooden ledge

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I often surprises me, how many times things, that seem far away from each other, actually belong to each other, and on the other hand, how things that look like almost the same sometimes turn out to be far apart in their essence.And such a paradox of proximity of two different things , in this case actually evolving one from another ,made me write this post.It was a clear winter day, with a bright blue sky and some snow around,making a perfect winter scene.I took my photo and already taking all these winter pics I realised I was portraying spring!Just look at these Common Hazel  catkins!

To make the play go on:the shrub is called Common Hazel, yet the person so un-common as Virgil did write about it:

Virgil and Silius Italicus considered that its territory was not fertile in corn, but rich in fruit-trees (maliferae Abellae): the neighborhood also abounded in filberts or hazelnuts of a very choice quality, which were called from thence nuces Avellanae.from:

Talking about hazelnuts from Avella,let us see the hazelnuts on a wooden ledge,just to remind ourselves how things seemingly far apart may be very connected in their essence. And :Wouldn’t it be great if the landscape on the painting would be a Common Hazel bush from Avella?

Still Life with Peaches, Whitecurrants, Hazelnuts, a Glass and a Stoneware Jug on a wooden Ledge with a Landscape beyond - Edward Ladell

Edward Ladell: Still life with peaches, white currants, hazelnuts, glass and a stoneware jug on a wooden ledge with a landscape beyond


By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

8 replies on “Corylus avellana-from winter to spring,from Avella to a wooden ledge”

I loved picking peaches fresh from the groves of relatives that lived in Virgina. The fly on the large peach in the foreground gives such a touch of reality. While living in Asheville, NC, a short drive south, down the mountain would land us close to peach farms. Georgia’s state motto is ‘The Peach State.’ Reading somewhere, if memory serves me correctly, it was stated more peaches are grown in SC than the state of GA.


.I love peaches ,too, but they do not grow in my place-at least not good ones.White peaches are my no 1, but it is hard to get them, for they are difficult to transport for their tenderness.


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