Fern frost and the beauty of flowers







This morning I’ve found these fantastic floral patterns on windows of my car.And I was astonished again by the simple fact, that actually the geometry of the water molecule determines the beauty of the crystals to be formed. Very the same as in the live world of nature-the geometry of molecules as the constituents determines the final beauty we admire. Obeying physical laws of our universe the beauty of flowers, be in frost or those in the garden is determined in advance and inevitable .Means all this beauty is hidden in math, physic, chemistry……..


Pistia stratiotes – hyperaccumulator plant





A plant is said to be a hyperaccumulator if it can concentrate the pollutants in a minimum percentage which varies according to the pollutant involved (for example: more than 1000 mg/kg of dry weight for nickelcoppercobaltchromium or lead; or more than 10,000 mg/kg for zinc or manganese).[10] This capacity for accumulation is due to hypertolerance, or phytotolerance: the result of adaptative evolution from the plants to hostile environments through many generations. A number of interactions may be affected by metal hyperaccumulation, including protection, interferences with neighbour plants of different species, mutualism (includingmycorrhizaepollen and seed dispersal), commensalism, and biofilm.


CdCadmium T- Pistia stratiotes Water lettuce Cu(T), Hg(H), Cr(H) Pantropical, Origin South U.S.A.; aquatic herb


Rosmarinus officinalis,The balm of Fierabras and Hungary Water



While Europe is still in the middle of winter, good news come from the South. Mediterranean flora has just started celebrating spring.Rosemary among the first ones. Are you ready for a recipe ?  As saying goes “New year-new beginning”, why not try something else as a rosemary chicken? I’ve picked two great ones-the first for those with troubles,after trying this balm, you will realise your problems may not be as big as they seem.  The second one is for perfume lovers, who seek something more, in this case it is a remedy and a perfume at once!

The balm of Fierabras

According to a chanson from 1170, Fierabras and Balan conquered Rome and stole two barrels containing the balm used for the corpse of Jesus. This miraculous balm would heal whoever drank it.In Chapter X of the first volume of Miguel de Cervantes‘ Don Quixote de la Mancha, after one of his numerous beatings, Don Quixotementions to Sancho Panza that he knows the recipe of the balm. In Chapter XVII, Don Quixote instructs Sancho that the ingredients are oil, wine, salt and rosemary. The knight boils them and blesses them with eighty Pater Nosters, and as many Ave MariasSalves andCredos.[9] Upon drinking it, Don Quixote vomits and sweats and feels healed after sleeping. However, for Sancho it has also a laxativeeffect, rendering him near death.from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fierabras

Hungary water

Hungary water (sometimes called “the Queen of Hungary’s Water”) was the first (European) alcohol-based perfume, claimed to date to about the late 14th century. According to legend it was first formulated at the command of a Queen of Hungary, sometimes identified as Isabella but usually as Elisabeth, or in one document “Saint Elisabeth, Queen of Hungary”. According to these same legends Hungary water first appeared outside of Hungary in 1370 when the French Charles V le Sage, who was famous for his love of fragrances, received some.Hungary water was known across Europe for many centuries, and until eau de Cologne appeared in the 18th century, it was the most popular fragrance and remedy applied. Similar to other herb and flower-based products, Hungary water was not merely (or even mainly) a fragrance, but also a valuable remedy; the early recipes advise the user to both wash with it and drink it in order to receive the most benefit.The oldest surviving recipes call for distilling fresh rosemary (and possibly thyme) with strong brandy, while later formulations contain lavendermintsagemarjoramcostusorange blossom and lemon.from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungary_Water


Helleborus in snow and in Anticyra

image image

Christmas rose -Helleborus niger-is one of my favourite flowers.Each year, already somewhere in the midst of December ,it brings first flowers of the upcoming spring.When days are short, nights cold,when woods is silent and when snow covers everything under our feet,then its big white flowers show up like a correct botanical drawing. They seem two-dimensional in a way, but on a closer look you may see they are real ones,and even more , they are not three-dimensional,they have the fourth dimension within them :the promise if spring,When I see them I know spring is to come .As all of us sometimes need to believe spring will come I am sending this year’s first helleborus bouquet to my dear friend in hospital.

Hellebore was the main reason for Antikyras’ fame all over the ancient world. The city was famous for its black hellebore (helleborus niger), and for a drug elaborated from the base of white hellebore (veratrum album).[3] Both species of hellebore are herbs which grew in the vicinity of Antikyra and were regarded as a cure for insanity. This circumstance gave rise to a number of proverbial expressions, like Αντικυρας σε δει or “naviget Anticyram,” and to frequent allusions in the Greek and Latin writers. Hellebore was likewise considered beneficial in cases of gout and epilepsy.from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticyra


File:Illustration Helleborus niger0.jpg



Begonia, intendant de la marine at the port of Rochefort and little clone

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Begonia is an easy to propagate plant. Whole leaf cuttings,basically whole leafs put in water or substrate to grow new plants, is one of the vegetative propagation methods.I can hardly imagine what  intendant de la marine at the port of Roche around 1687,,Michel Bégon, would say, knowing sometimes I steal a little leaf of begonia to make a new plant.It could be that he would even understand me telling him all these new plants are given to our friends …..Or he would make me dead, who knows……But who cares,as long as I have these little new clones!!!

Michel Bégon, known as Michel V Bégon or le Grand Bégon (25 December 1638, in Blois – 14 March 1710, in Rochefort) was a French ancien regime official. He was intendant de la marine at the port of Rochefort and intendant of the généralité of La Rochelle, as well as a passionate plant collector (he met the naturalist Charles Plumier in the Antilles, and Plumier later named the begonia after him).from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_B%C3%A9gon_(1638-1710)

Port de Rochefort.JPG

Rochefort (French: [ʁɔʃ.fɔʁ]) is a commune in southwestern France, a port on theCharente estuary. It is a sub-prefecture of the Charente-Maritime department.from;http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rochefort,_Charente-Maritime


Crossandra ‘Fortuna’

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Invited to see my friend’s new kitchen I wanted to bring her a small surprise.Of course it pretty soon turned out that a flower is the best option-what can be better as preparing breakfast in a new modern kitchen, looking at beautiful flowers and looking forward to a new day? No wonder as soon as I came to nursery  this Crossandra fortuna was the one I picked for my friend-look at the vivid flowers and shiny leaves!And her name!On my way to my friend’s house I was thinking of many Indian woman buying Kanakamparam (Indian name for Crossandra) at street markets to make karnakamparam garlands for their hair, wishing to have a great day.

A Street Market Scene, India - Edwin Lord Weeks

Edwin Lord Weeks: A Street Market Scene, India” oil on Canvas, location: Private collection


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