Crossandra ‘Fortuna’

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Invited to see my friend’s new kitchen I wanted to bring her a small surprise.Of course it pretty soon turned out that a flower is the best option-what can be better as preparing breakfast in a new modern kitchen, looking at beautiful flowers and looking forward to a new day? No wonder as soon as I came to nursery  this Crossandra fortuna was the one I picked for my friend-look at the vivid flowers and shiny leaves!And her name!On my way to my friend’s house I was thinking of many Indian woman buying Kanakamparam (Indian name for Crossandra) at street markets to make karnakamparam garlands for their hair, wishing to have a great day.

A Street Market Scene, India - Edwin Lord Weeks

Edwin Lord Weeks: A Street Market Scene, India” oil on Canvas, location: Private collection


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Looking forward to seeing you! Tamara

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

24 replies on “Crossandra ‘Fortuna’”

Beautiful plant, beautiful picture. 🙂 Orange is such a cheery colour, particularly combined with the glossy, dark green leaves.


I know what you mean. I also had the pleasure of photographing Crossandras. I think I put the images in my gallery in the “Wildflowers” section, if not, you can just do a search on the blog. I’ve never heard the firecracking sound their seed pods are supposed to make when they mature, however. They also call them ‘Firecraker flowers’.

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