Pistia stratiotes – hyperaccumulator plant





A plant is said to be a hyperaccumulator if it can concentrate the pollutants in a minimum percentage which varies according to the pollutant involved (for example: more than 1000 mg/kg of dry weight for nickelcoppercobaltchromium or lead; or more than 10,000 mg/kg for zinc or manganese).[10] This capacity for accumulation is due to hypertolerance, or phytotolerance: the result of adaptative evolution from the plants to hostile environments through many generations. A number of interactions may be affected by metal hyperaccumulation, including protection, interferences with neighbour plants of different species, mutualism (includingmycorrhizaepollen and seed dispersal), commensalism, and biofilm.


CdCadmium T- Pistia stratiotes Water lettuce Cu(T), Hg(H), Cr(H) Pantropical, Origin South U.S.A.; aquatic herb



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