Plants in art

The most beautiful nature in children’s books ever

8th February is the Slovene Cultural Holiday, named after our biggest poet, Prešeren’s day.At that day the most important cultural achievements and the greatest artists in Slovenia are awarded. This year laureate in category life’s work is illustrator Marlenka Stupica.  Generations of kids grew up with her books, she offered beauty to each childhood. Part of this beauty came from great love for natural detail.My Botanical Garden is expressing, at this occasion, the greatest respect and profound admiration to Ms Marlenka Stupica’s work.Congratulations

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

14 replies on “The most beautiful nature in children’s books ever”

Yes , I agree with you.It was interesting as the artist in her interview said fairy tales are fantastic place to escape into-for kids and for adults.She said she is always choosing the motif according to it’s artistic potential she feels about it..anyway, she is one of the greatest illustrators!


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