I am happily introducing my dear blogging friend Rob Viens ,http://beagleproject.wordpress.com/,who was kind enough to accept my invitation to become a contributing author for My Botanical Garden. I’ve learned so much from his travel with Darwin! Thank you, Rob , for giving my readers the opportunity to sail new horizons!

The Beagle Project

I’ve been promising my fellow blogger over at “My Botanical Garden” a guest post for some time now.  Tamara kindly nominated the Beagle Project for several blogging awards – including most recently the 2012 Blog of the Year Award. My next three installments – some botanical musing on the natural “botanical gardens” of Tierra del Fuego – were inspired by our email conversations – thanks Tamara!

As the weekend began, Darwin’s diary simple states that, “The ship remained in Goree Sound.” (Feb 8/9) – the body of water located near the eastern mouth of the Beagle Channel. So I thought I’d take a couple of days to comment on a few of the plants (and fungi) Darwin’s described in his Zoological Notebook early in 1833.

Finding detailed information about the vegetation of Tierra del Fuego is a little tricky when working in such a remote region. However, with…

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