Today is My Botanical Garden finishing the expedition he was kindly invited on by our friend Rob Viens. Thank you Rob for having us on board with Darwin, Fitz Roy and the Beagle Crew! It was a pleasant journey, we even did not have to fight sea sickness with raisins! And your today post is a great way to remember great spirit of Darwin, born on 12-th February so many years ago!
I and My Botanical Garden readers, we all wish you many more great posts in next years of discoveries with The Beagle Project! And , of course, if there happens to be any chance, we will be happy to join you on Beagle again in next years!
Thank you ,Rob!

The Beagle Project

First off, thanks to Tamara and all the readers of My Botanical Garden who have been visiting and posting comments. It has been a pleasure being able to cross pollinating between blogs and to hear from some new readers! Today – the last installment in the three-part series on the vegetation of Tierra del Fuego.

Darwin’s diary remains quiet today, but in the January/February section of this Zoological Notebook he has quite a bit to say about the dominant vegetation of the other major ecosystem of southwestern Tierra del Fuego – the Magellanic moorlands (I love that name – I think it is my new favorite place).

Again, let me turn the floor over to Darwin to set the stage:

“In every part of the country which I have seen, the land is covered by a thick bed of peat.— It is universal in the mountains, above the limits [of]…

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By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

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