I am thrilled to announce Harold Rhenisch is My Botanical Garden’s new contributing writer.Thank you ,Harold , for this excursion into time and essence of our earth.I am sure My Botanical Garden readers will love to come back to Okanagan Okanagan, to have a walk across this ancient land full of memories.

Okanagan Okanogan

Today, I am proud to be a guest on the website, My Botanical Garden. I hope that my explorations in knowing the land by walking it daily, camera in hand, will bring the garden’s readers at least some of the delight it has brought me for the past 18 months. Today, I’d like to share a way of looking at gardens: not in space, or in the balance of species with each other, but in time. After all, as creatures of the earth, I think we all live there.


Abandoned Nlaka’pamux Church, Thompson River Grasslands, British Columbia

I think it’s time we all moved back to the Earth.

Gardens live in time. Let’s start with that. It snowed last night. Don’t worry. Here in the dry grasslands in the troughs of a volcanic plateau east of the uplifted volcanoes of the Northeast Pacific Coast, it is not winter. It is late spring…

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By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

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