This time all My Botanical Garden and friends are invited to discover the beauty of grasses, not only those in Okanagan Okanogan. Harold Rhenisch , contributing writer of this post, is taking us from blue to pink, from giants head to horses, from winter to rainbow, and above all ,from our presumption that we know it all, to wish to know it better….Thank You Harald!

Okanagan Okanogan

It was such a pleasure spending some quality time in Tamara’s My Botanical Garden on Monday. Thanks, everyone, for welcoming me with such enthusiasm. It’s fine to share stories of the gardens of this earth. It’s a double pleasure to come back with another story of ancient gardens. This one extends my story about lichens that we posted a couple days ago. Let’s set the scene by stepping back to the lichens again, where they live in a garden billions of years old yet just hours new. They have, I’d like to suggest, effectively stopped time. And that’s a good thing!


Marmot, Peshastin Pinnacles, Washington

Because of the lichens on these rocks (and the blue skies they created), the inevitable decline of Earth into a kind of Martian desert was slowed and even reversed, creating time for creatures like this to evolve and to prosper. Those are some of the old…

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  1. Well, now you see how my imagination works: here there and everywhere, often at once. Too bad that blog pages couldn’t be like day-by-day calendars: rip off a piece, write a shopping list on the back, turn it over in the store, and go, “Oh, cool!”, and the next one has a note on the back: “Pick up Sonja at the mall at 5.” Or: “Haircut at 3 pm!!” and you pull it out of your pocket weeks later, and go, “Oh, yeah, I remember that blog,” and then use it to start a fire and sit down with your sweetie to have a glass of wine and talk about the important things. I was trying to chase an idea down, like a hunter in the Kalahari ten thousand years ago. The idea was about how plants buy time, so much that other animals get to use it, and how working against that is not in our best interests. If it didn’t come through, there it is now in the morning light. Now, off to prune some cherry trees I go.


    1. Well, this is how imagination works, this is the essence of the creative process, I completely understand it.Yet don’t you think our blogs are a bit like lichens and grasses-using our impressions, thoughts, sentences,to make place to memories, ideas and new friends? Anyway at the moment you make me jealous-while you do your cherry-punning we have snow, snow, snow, hey this is unfair !


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