Tržič flowers in iron and stone and Radetzky march







 Visiting Tržič last time , still in winter, I discovered cute floral architectural details. Old town’s times of prosperity had faded away and road towards a better future made a turn here years ago .Still witnesses of old times, now protecting some new kids and their secrets, stone houses built in rows managed to somehow carry trough time their artisan-al details.Carved flowers made with certain love and devotion , now frozen in future of their dreams.Who were the ones walking the narrow streets almost without noticing stone flower rosettas looking after them……..and how much did like these iron flowers the man with March named after him, coming from big battles to invest in his wife’s homeland…….

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Johann Josef (Joseph) Wenzel (Anton Franz Karl) Graf Radetzky von Radetz (English: John Joseph Wenceslaus, Count Radetzky of Radetz,Czech: Jan Josef Václav Antonín František Karel hrabě Radecký z Radče) (November 2, 1766 – January 5, 1858) was a Czech nobleman[1] and Austrian general, immortalised by Johann Strauss I’s Radetzky March In 1798 he married Countess Francisca von Strassoldo Grafenberg, from Tržič, Carniola (now inSlovenia). They would have five sons and three daughters.

Radetzky was intimately connected with the Duchy of Carniola, because of his wife and because he owned much land there. His courage was praised in folk songs. The first representative statue in Ljubljana, the capital of Carniola, was a statue of Radetzky. It was placed in the most elite location, the Congress Square, and all main public events took place in front of it.[5] As he owned the Tivoli Castle in Ljubljana, the capital of Carniola, he greatly contributed to the arrangement of Tivoli Park.[6]



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