Bourbon roses ,from Reunion to the last French king

PICT1654 PICT1662 PICT1664 PICT1665



PICT1668PICT1692PICT1701PICT1718This Sunday my husband surprised me  with a trip to Nova Gorica, namely   Franciscan Kostanjevica Monastery ,to enjoy hundreds flowers of bourbon roses opening these days down there. I was so impressed seeing there bourbon roses growing as big bushes, full of flowers in different pink shades,  trying to embrace visitors with their thorny arms, making us dive in sweet oriental smell of in this morning opened flowers. Almost drunken from this beauty I listened with open mouth to the story of first bourbon rose grown at Ile Bourbon (now Reunion)-that’s the origin of their name, and not Bourbons as many think, yet it is true the island was named after this dynasty.Introduced in France in 1823 they soon became very popular,with a variety of more than 1500 different examples.As fashion changed many of them become extinct and now only about 100 different bourbon roses are grown worldwide  The Kostanjevica collection of bourbon roses is a young one, roses were planted ten years ago, but due to kind micro climate conditions and because of the hard work of volunteers from local Rosa society they form a magnificent scenery worth their name and place, as they do grow in the garden of a monastery where last French king Charles X and his family were interred. The lesson I’ve learned? Kingdoms do  fail, beauty of roses is forever!

Charles X, by Pierre-Narcisse Guérin,from:


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