Erinaceus concolor or somebody wandering alone in the night

As I met this little guy wandering trough the garden I had to publish his photo. Not only for he is so cute, even not for he does such a good job in the garden but for I was surprised to read all the scientific articles dealing with this little creature.Among the more interesting ones is the one about glacial eras and hedgehogs migration.Or the one about hedgehogs menu in urban area.Or about the shape of its cranium. I really wonder what influences the choice of scientific interest upon a certain subject-for.example why nobody investigated for.example hedgehogs in the art ? Is it.possible.that our archetypical picture of certain subject prejudices the interest we would develop about it? For this could mean that the investigations in science could be under different archetypes oriented towards different topics???
Anyway, this may be too much for a young hedgehog wandering trough my botanical garden…….




10 thoughts on “Erinaceus concolor or somebody wandering alone in the night

  1. WOW! Lucky you! I love hedgehogs. And I believe you are correct; our prejudices against or for a creature do influence how (or even if) it’s researched.


    1. May I tell you a hedgehog even came in our kitchen during the lunch time once-The soup (meat one) did smell so nice it attracted little guy. We gave him some meat ,he absolutely enjoyed the meal, then he left without saying hello!


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