A taste of New Zealand

Plant Heritage

My colleagues had warned me about the notouriously bad weather of Yorkshire….but this is the view I was greeted with in late April. Not that bad, right?


For my first trip up there, I attended the Annual Meeting of the Hebe Society, in the home of one of the National Collections, Threshfield. The collection covers almost all of Nigel Hutchinson’s garden, and has been nicely arranged around the hebes.

NPC hebe

Cuttings and young plants are kept in raised beds in a more sheltered part of the garden.

Hebe cuttings

Hebes can be divided in two groups based on their leaf shape. The ones commonly used as low hedges or ornamental shrubs are broadleaf hebes, such as the striking Hebe ‘Pink Elephant’. But there is another, very strange group, called the whipcord hebes, which look just like little conifers, with scale-like leaves.

There are some other interesting New Zealand plants in the garden, such…

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