Hosta and Belvedere



I wanted to take a picture of my hosta today, but it turned out snails and deer, they both have been pretty hungry destroying my beautifully  white striped mini hosta to such an extent that posting photo of it might ruin my blog! Happily enough today I’ve found another hosta by coincidence! I hope you like the photo of it as much I like the picture of Belvedere  botanic garden in Vienna!  For hosta has been named after Nicolaus Thomas Host, an Austrian botanist and the first director of Belvedere palace botanic garden in Vienna. As it wouldn’t been enough, he was also personal physician of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II! It turns out it was an act of justice to name hostas after such an versatile man – the simple green leaves of hostas know many nuances and patterns, making the plant a versatile plant each shadow garden should have!

File:Canaletto (I) 058.jpg

[show]Bernardo Bellotto (1721–1780), Wien, vom Belvedere aus gesehen, from:

By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

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