Biedermeier summer bouquet dilemma

Whenever I have to pick a present for a friend I face this  bouquet or flowers in a pot dilemma. Regardless of the different costs for each of them I always have hard times deciding. It is true, flowers in a pot last longer, sometimes they can be even planted in the garden. But then you have to decide for a single plant and bouquet makes it possible to pick ( almost) all the flowers one likes. Thinking about all the flowers that could fit in a bouquet makes me instantly happy, just imagine a rainbow of colours! And it is also true that we usually do not buy  bouquets to ourselves. OK, we do get them sometimes, like for valentines, birthdays, but can you name many more ? From this point of view there is no dilemma here, bouquet is more precious. But what about all the cut flowers that will end in trash  bin in a week? Isn’t it a bit vulgar to cut flowers just to enjoy their smell and colours for some days the bouquet would last?  Wouldn’t it be much more ecological, sustainable, to have flowers in a pot? As they are cheaper, too. But think about all the florists, then! They do have to earn some money ……Needless to say , it is summer time with abundance of flowers, so this time I’ve decided for a bouquet. Jet, to make the politics of this decision easier, I opted for a biedermeier bouquet-a typical middle-class gesture of staying on the safe side of decorating home instead of thinking and battling for public (and plant) well-being…

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