Botany behind the scenes


Extreme heat here around makes us wonder about the climate change-are all the plants going to make it or will some of them vanish behind the scenes of global warming ….


9 Replies to “Botany behind the scenes”

  1. they will vanish – they can’t move quick enough. And all the great forests remaining in the world will go – they are already dying. And they will take much biodiversity with them. Maybe humans too. It will take the world a long time to adapt to the new normal, but it will be hard to adapt to anything as the climate is in for many centuries of instability.
    My heart is breaking…I love trees…


      1. I begin to think no – who is reducing their mining? Nowhere. THey are going to mine what’s left of the countryside of Britain to get the coal seam gas, they are dredging the Great Barrier Reef – just ot name 2 things. And the oceans are also headed for huge loss of diversity and the inability to recover from pollution. More and more scientists are acknowledging that the damage is too great.


      2. I feel the same as you do, but still there has to be done at least something ? I believe in awareness raising , education, but I do hope I am not too idealistic?


      3. & in most places, it’s dropping from people’s minds and concerns when asked. It should be paramount – in our election at teh moment, it’s barely being mentioned.


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