Fungi and amphibians in the botanical garden

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Phellinus pomaceus

On 11 August 2013, to the botanical garden. What fungi are there at this time of the year? A Phellinus pomaceusfungus is close to the entrance.

It can cope well with dry summer weather. This is a parasitic species; especially on plants of the Rosaceae family. In this case a Japanese hawthorn, brought to Leiden in the nineteenth century by Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold, the famous founder of Japanese studies in Europe. When, ten years ago, the fungus was discovered on that special shrub, there was much fear. However, this parasitic fungus is not really aggressive; so, the hawthorn still survives.

In the pond close to the garden entrance, two juvenile coots swim with their parents.

In the lawn on the bank of the pond are small mushrooms. They are Conocybe tenera.

We pass a nestbox. Birds use about half of the nest boxes in…

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