13 thoughts on “Jezersko village flora in August

  1. All absolutely beautiful, Tamara. I think if I lived there, I’d spend all my time wandering around looking at things with a goofy look on my face. 😉


      1. Some areas are just breathtakingly beautiful, aren’t they? How far is that for you to travel to? And where is it, exactly?


  2. Thanks for the trip. In all the beauty and wonders outside of great and troubled urban areas– why did we leave, if we were ever their? Some now disenchanted with the mayhem within the great cities of the world, are returning or discovering the beauty of nature’s gifts to us all. Those who are able, or sacrifice to find such places of peace and serenity, restore their spirits, and find peace of mind to reflect on– what’s next?


    1. I like coming there, for it is a real oasis , it is one of the places to recharge one’s batteries.The place used to be a real tourist destination years ago, now tourists don’t think it is interesting enough- can you believe it?


      1. Believe it? Yes! When I was a child we often would visit Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, 4/miles of white sand beach front with huge amusement park. It has died out, much due to neglect but millions during the summer flock to the beach. This is not to compare with forests and areas that have been devastated by the encroachment of ever growing and expanding populations. I was raised as a city boy, but always had country leanings. Lived and experienced the benefits of both, fortunately.


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