Jezersko Village

Thinking about people, landscape, wind, water, words, pictures, language -a lot of thinking!

Okanagan Okanogan

My friend Tamara in her botanical garden in Slovenia noted yesterday that some of the images in my post a few days ago about Big Bar Lake on the Cariboo Plateau could have been interchanged with hers on the old Roman path across the mountains. You can see her  haunting images by clicking here. Those are a follow-up to her first set of images on the theme: Jezersko Village Flora in August. To tempt you to have a look at what she saw there, here’s a teaser:

What Tamara Saw at Jezersko Village

After seeing those, I wrote that compared to my original images, such as this …


Big Bar Esker

… hers placed people right in with the mix. I asked for more information about that, and she volunteered, generously, with her observation that there at the conjunction of humans, stone, water and wood, culture thrived, and…

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By Tamara Jare

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