Make your own mini-meadow

The official blog for the North York Moors National Park

Ami Walker – Conservation Land Management Adviser

Following on from our previous posts about mini-meadow management – here’s how to do it yourself.

How to create a wildflower mini-meadow in or around the North York Moors

1.  Where to position your mini-meadow

  • Your wildflowers will thrive best in a relatively poor soil and a sunny spot.
  • Please be mindful that wildflowers should only be planted on land belonging to you or with the land owner’s full permission.
  • Make sure the area you decide on is well-drained and as weed free as possible.

2.  Preparing the ground for your mini-meadow

  • Dig out any weeds such as ragwort, thistles and docks by hand.
  • Remove any large tussocks of vigorous grasses such as Cock’s foot.
  • Close-cut any remaining vegetation and remove the cut material from the site.
  • Don’t incorporate manure or fertiliser as high fertility encourages excessive vigour in unwanted weeds and grasses that then…

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