By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

17 replies on “Plums”

When you bite into a truly sweet plum or any color variety– Oh my! Such goodness. I wonder and never noticed, perhaps it is a plum just before it spoils, that is, reaching the fermented stage?


Omnomnomnom! The type in the two bottom pix are my favourites as well as Green Reine Claude. Unfortunately yhe mice gnawed all the bark from my trees one winter, hidden under the snow.


Great pictures of plums!:-) They sure look good…I was wondering if you have any advice. This past year I have been putting in more dwarf fruit trees on our urban lot. I put in a stanley plum ( dwarf) and was wondering does it need another plum/do they take a few years to produce?I am in zone 5 USA.


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