Tree Worship – Is it Wrong?

The Beagle Project

On August 11th, Darwin set out on his inland adventure.  His enjoyment of being on the open trail was apparent in his long diary entry today.  So I thought I’d let Darwin do most of the talking today. Here goes:

“We started early in the morning, but owing to some horses being stolen we were obliged to travel slow & accompany the Cargeroes or loaded horses. — The distance between Patagones & the pass of the Colorado is 85 miles, & in all this distance there are only two springs of fresh water. — They are called fresh, but even at this season were very brackish; in summer this must be a very disagreeable passage; from the heavy rain of yesterday we were well off, for there were several small puddles in the waggon ruts. We passed several small Salinas & in the distance there was one which…

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2 thoughts on “Tree Worship – Is it Wrong?

    1. You are welcome, I always like reading your blog! I am happy to hear my readers are visiting your site- Darwin’s discoveries is what we all should know more about , not to mention the way you write about the topic!! And you are following my site, too 😉


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