Red peppers from Granada



History of language is often history of botanical discoveries, history of botanical discoveries is often history of culture. This is exactly what I took this picture in Granada for. Peppers -often hot fruit of the plant genus Capsicum, have the same name as pepper, from family Piperaceae, one of the spices mostly used. Pepper (spice) has been extremely valued since ancient times, those who were able to import pepper from India made fortune. Image

At that time Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon was built on 5% taxation of pepper trade in Portugal, holding main importing sea routes to India . No doubt Christopher Columbus was happy discovering  ” India” and spicy plant from genus Capsicum he wrongly named pepper, in false belief it was a relative of pepper, the spice. Spain was the first European country to welcome peppers and peppers remained till today popular element in Spanish cuisine. The wrong name ”peppers” is still in use.

But,all together, look again at the Granada balcony with peppers and you might see Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabela I of Castille conquering Granada from Muslims and Cristobal Colon asking them to support his journey at the same time! Luckily enough, financially broken Spanish monarchs made some shifts among different royal accounts to support Christobal Colon searching better connections with India , mainly for spice trade.Can you see Christobal presenting peppers to Isabella?

Or have another look to see Christobal from next street inviting his friends  for some traditional Spanish dishes with peppers he had dried on his balcony!





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