Argania spinosa-about girls and goats

My dear friend Damjana visiting Morocco took this picture of argan tree with a goat on it and has kindly permitted me to post it. 

This is why I wanted to post this picture:

Argania spinosa or argan tree is endemic in Morocco, argan forests are under UNESCO protection there, for they have shrunken for almost a half during the last 100 years. From argan seeds argan oil is produced, becoming a fashionable ingredient of western cosmetic products in last years.Which is good , as Moroccan woman selling argan oil are now able to send their girls to study with that money.And it is good as with that money Moroccan families can afford to buy some more goats.Which in turn is bad as these goats climb argan trees and  eat too much of  them. And then there is less argan oil. And girls can not be sent to study, any more, which is sad and even worse as losing argan trees…..

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