Sociable weaver



illustrations from: Erjavec F.:Ptice;  Celovec 1893

I love old books , It amuses me to read archaic Slovene language, old illustrations are magical.  I’ve picked these illustrations from an old Slovene book about nature, where , among others, author stands fascinated about the artistry of little birds from Africa, able to make spectacular ”condominium” nests . There can live up to 3 hundred families in neighbour nest cells. First picture above shows the early phases of such a nest and the second picture shows it finished ( woven with grasses and tiny sticks). It is the biggest structure birds can build. A sort of bird’s megapolis.

It is interesting that these birds are not endangered today, for they are able to find so many artificial building materials around human settlements, that they have excellent conditions for their nests and therefore for many new families. And these are two good stories that made me write today’s post: I am happy to find an old Slovene book about nature in excellent condition, with great illustrations , and I am happy to learn that not only book, but also these birds made it into modern times……



14 thoughts on “Sociable weaver

    1. You are welcome, I was pretty sure that would be interesting, from many points of view.Like community education projects or intergenerational learning-it is all ( to a certain degree) there, up in a tree .


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    1. I’d like to see such a huge nest! These birds have developed some degree of social behaviour and some sense for the community they live in-which is fascinating, for then it becomes clear that certain behavioural patterns had developed early…..


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