Pine tree, tiger and magpie



When I saw this vintage plate at the flea -market I liked it immediately for the colours and drawings. Since I’ve bought it I use it to serve some cookies. The cookies I made last time disappeared in a minute and then the empty plate stayed at the middle of the table, with me drinking my coffee and observing the plate ornamentation.The pine tree, a bird and an unknown animal in a clear composition? Of course I had to check it out. It turned out that it was an traditional Korean motif, namely Tiger,magpie and pine tree . Usually a painting with this motif is called jakhodo. Pine tree is a symbol of the firs month of the year, magpie is bringing good news and the tiger  is a messenger of mountain deities overseeing human fortune and misfortune and kind to people. Traditionally jakhodo is put on display in the house in the first month of the lunar calendar. I find this tradition a nice one, isn’t it interesting it is always about the conifers-be it a Christmas tree or a pine tree?  And it certainly can’t hurt to make a wish to tiger and magpie to bring us good news and fortune for thenew year?

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11 Replies to “Pine tree, tiger and magpie”

  1. I like it too. The magpie, by the way, in case anyone is puzzled, is not the familiar black-and-white (actually very dark green and white) bird of Europe, Northern Asia and Western North America, but one of the East Asian magpies (I couldn’t say which as the plumage isn’t necessarily accurate!).


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