Ponderosa Pine: The Tree at the Heart of a People

Ponderosa pine-a portrait…..

Okanagan Okanogan

There is a tree that determines the home range of a people. This is the North Plateau Ponderosa Pine, known in Latin as pinus ponderosa Douglas ex C. Lawson. Wherever this tree grows, those of us at home in Columbia Plateau are also at home. Here she is …

P1050016Beautiful isn’t she!

As you can see, she doesn’t mind fog, frost or cold. You’ll often find her growing with saskatoons (as you can see to the left and right of this image), building communities with them within the grassland sea. The latin for saskatoon is amelchior alnifolia. A more fascinating thing about her is that she withstands extreme cold by growing in spirals within the tubes of her red bark. This helps ease the stress of the frost out in the open grassland.

P1050057Ponderosas grow singly, or surrounded by a few daughters — that is, unless they are disturbed by…

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By Tamara Jare

Slovenian figurative painter. Love colors and light.

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