17 thoughts on “Destroyed woods

    1. Thank you! Actually it is not as cold as it looks like, only about -3C and we call it cold around -10C and up to -20C .Which does not mean that we do not like warmer temperatures-I am waiting for spring to come!!!


    1. We had three days of snow glaze devastating half of forests in the country. Snow and ice cold rain are too heavy for plants , trees bend and break down. Years will be needed for forests to recover….


    1. This time it was snow glaze, combination of cold freezing rain and snow. The burden was to big and power lines were torn, trees broken. Half of the forests in the country are devastated, natural catastrophe has been declared by state. But it is true, nature will renew…..


    1. A combination of freezing rain and snow was too heavy…..a natural catastrophe occurred as forests lost half of the trees…..some people are still without water and electricity, but situation is getting better now…and SPRING is to come soon!


  1. Winter weather has been brutal in the Northern Hemisphere. I like to think that an ice storm only affects trees that are already compromised. So when they fall, they nourish the soil for the remaining strong ones for a long time to come.


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