Gerbera or the art of counting




Gerbera is one of the most popular flowers, not in vain, for sure. That makes it a commercially important plant. It is the fifth most used cut flower over the world, they say. But is it really? From the botanical point of view this is a huge mistake and it can be claimed gerbera is the first most used cut flower all over the world. The explanation? Each gerbera flower is in fact ”false flower” or pseudantium, composed of many little real flowers (many  hundreds of them) ! So, shall we count again?


In all cases, a pseudanthium (inflorescence) is superficially indistinguishable from a flower, but closer inspection of its anatomy will reveal that it is composed of multiple flowers. Thus, the pseudanthium represents an evolutionary convergence of the inflorescence to a reduced reproductive unit that may function in pollination like a single flower, at least in plants that are animal pollinated. from:







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