Basket of Flowers, 1901

Pictures Worth 1000 Words

Currently possessed by Queen Elizabeth II and once owned by the last Empress of Russia Alexandra Feodorovna, is an intricately designed Fabergé egg that is composed of silver, parcel-gilt, rose-cut diamonds, green gold, and multicolored enamels.

Over its opalescent oyster colored enamel surface is a trellis work of rose-cut diamonds, and the year of the egg’s creation is also set in rose-cut diamonds. The bouquet of multicolored enamel flowers emerges from a thread moss of green gold. The egg can be carried by its diomand-set handle.

Whether or not this egg was accompanied by a surprise remains unknown; however, the invoice for this egg mentions pearls while the design of the egg does not include any pearls. Perhaps the pearls were part of the surprise that is currently missing.

To watch a great documentary on Fabergé imperial eggs, click here.

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2 Replies to “Basket of Flowers, 1901”

  1. Thank you for reading and reblogging my post. It seems you are interested in the floral design of the Fabergé egg. I wanted to let you know that there are other eggs with floral motifs, in case it would interest you:

    Rosebud, 1895 –
    Lilies of the Valley, 1898 –
    Bouquet of Lilies Clock, 1899 –
    Pansy, 1899 –



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